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Smog Inspections/Pre-Inspections

Jindra's Auto Service charges $32.95 for smog inspections (most cars and light trucks) plus $10.00 for the electronic certificate and electronic transfer fee. (Note: most 1995 and older vehicles will also be required to have an evaporative system test at an additional fee of $10)

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Jindra's Auto Service also offers pre-inspections for a fee of $32.95 (most cars and light trucks). If your vehicle passes the Smog Inspection pretest (and evap test, if required) the final smog inspection fee is $15 plus $10.00 for the electronic certificate and electronic transfer fee.

As much as we hope every vehicle passes its smog inspection the first time there are some that will not. In that event Jindra's Auto Service is also a state of California licensed smog repair station and is equipped to repair most vehicle emission related repairs. We'll be happy to guide you through the process of repairing and finally certifying your vehicle in the most cost effective way.

What is a "pre-inspection"?

Motorists who believe their vehicles may not pass initial smog certification at local Smog Check stations may request that an inspection be conducted before an official smog certification test. This procedure can help vehicle owners avoid their vehicles being designated as "Gross Polluters," requiring final inspection at a Test-Only Center. Smog Check stations may charge for this service only if authorized by the consumer; BAR does not regulate those charges and receives none of the proceeds. The efficacy of this program is subject to periodic review. Motorists should keep in mind that neither the pre-inspection (which is not an "official" inspection), nor any emissions repairs made subsequent to the pre-inspection, count toward the $450 repair cost waiver or the $250 economic hardship extension.

How Do I Get My Gross Polluter Certified?

If your vehicle is tested and fails as a Gross Polluter, you must have it repaired and then have another Smog Check inspection to certify those repairs. A Gross Polluter may only be certified at either a Test-Only Station or a Gold Shield station. Test-Only stations are prohibited by law from performing diagnosis or repairs of any kind.
Gold Shield stations are licensed to perform official smog inspections and repairs; issue certificates to Gross Polluters; perform state subsidized repairs; perform the "after repairs" certification test on vehicles that were directed to, and failed their Smog Check at a Test-Only station.

The Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) is available at participating Gold Shield stations for motorists who need financial assistance (up to $500) making repairs to their vehicle when it fails a biennial (every other year) Smog Check. Visit our website at

Own A Light-Duty Diesel Powered Vehicle?

Beginning January 2010, state law requires certain diesel powered vehicles to be included on the smog check program. This includes all model year 1998 and newer diesel vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating up to 14,000 pound or less. The diesel vehicle Smog Check consists of an on-board diagnostic test, a visual inspection of the emissions components and a visible smoke test. For more information visit